Masud Naaseri

Upon the emergence of positive initial results of Project MZ2 after 8 years of studies, the Nous Academy of Theoretical Physics (NATPHYS) was launched in 2012 in order to educate and prepare the required research staff to collaborate on furthering the work and extending MZ2 programs.

The central theme of Natphys is a combination of Chaos theory, Group theory, Monster Group, Riemann Zeta function, Clifford algebra, and Random matrices. The education program started by offering online courses in theoretical physics and mathematical topics specific to MZ2.

The offered courses so far in the past 8 years include all fundamental theories of physics (classical mechanics, quantum theory, special and general relativity, cosmology), chaos & nonlinear dynamics, Clifford (geometric) Algebra, group theory with emphasis on the Monster, some relevant mathematics to MZ2, as well as mathematical biology (focussing on the stem cell studies and protein synthesis). News courses are in place to cover quantum field theory, string/superstring theory, elementary particles, standard model, category theory, random matrix theory, and zeta and L-functions.

Natphys is a private research and educational institution founded and directed by Masud Naaseri. Up until 2018, all courses were donation based with no obligation for the students to pay any fees. It was then, however, decided to charge a non-obligatory annual fee of 250 Euros for each student in order to cover academy’s running costs.

So far the courses have only been presented in Persian but the work is in progress to have them in English too. Since all the written material on the whiteboard is in English, it is planned just to replace the audios of the present lecture videos by their English translation.

Masud Naaseri, gave up his official academic career in 2000 to spend his time on MZ2 only. It was necessary for him to re-educate and self educate himself in various fields of theoretical physics and certain branches of mathematics in order to conduct the research within the Project MZ2.

A brief description of his studies and works is given below.

Masud Naaseri, PhD, MSc, DIC, BSC



Born in Sulduz, Naghadeh, Iran, March 1957


Highschool, Kharazmi, Tehran, 1974

BSC, Mechanical Eng., Control Systems, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 1980

MSc, Nuclear Reactors Science and Engineering, Queen Mary College, University of London, 1987

DIC, Aircraft Engineering, Imperial College, University of London, 1988

Research on “Turbulent structure of VTOL jet in Crossflows”

Supervisor: Professor Peter Bradshaw of Stanford University, USA

Contract: Nielsen Engineering Inc., USA

PhD, Turbulence/Aeronautics, Imperial College, University of London, 1990

Thesis: Studies in Complex 3D Turbulent Flows

Supervisor: Professor Peter Bradshaw of Stanford University, USA

Contract: NASA-Ames Research Center, USA

Postdoctoral Research:

Central Electricity Research Labs, Leatherhead, Surrey, 1989-1992, Numerical and Computational Techniques, grid/mesh generation via elliptic methods in general curvilinear coordinates/Chaos/Heat transfer in Nuclear reactors

CHAM, Concentration Heat And Mass transfer, a research company of Professor B.D. Spalding, Wimbledon, London, 1992-1993, developing the PC version of Phoenics software (a research and development code in fluid dynamics, turbulence, and heat and mass transfer/developing the PC version of KIVA code of Los Alamos for internal combustion in collaboration with 3 researchers from Moscow Academy of Sciences.

Works & Employment:

1983-85 Research Assistant, Supervised by Professor H. Janlou of Shiraz (Pahlavi) University, Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran, Isfahan Nuclear Research Center

1987-89 Research Assistant, Supervised by Professor P. Bradshaw of Stanford University, Aeronautics Department, Imperial College, University of London, on contracts from NASA-Ames and Nielsen Engineering Inc., USA

1989-1992, Research Scientist, Central Electricity Labs, Leatherhead, Surrey, England

1992-93, Research Officer, CHAM of Prof. Spalding, Wimbledon, London, England.

1993-2000 lecturer in a number of universities in different parts of the world.

2000-present private research on Project MZ2.